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Language education-Companies

Did you decide to motive your employees with benefits, which would become the benefits for your company too? A present raising trend is the ability to communicate in other language, and so we prepared the courses, which can help your employees to win language skills effective and on the professional level.

General Language Education

The goal of the general language education is providing of general knowledge of the foreign language, which is possible to use in writing and verbal contact. The course participants gain quickly and effectively a rich vocabulary, which they can use not only in everyday communication, but also in professional milieu. Thanks to continual training of language skills, each course absolvent gets rid of diffidence and gains confidence. Agentúra vzdelávania offers general courses in English, German, French, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish a Chinese. The agency provides further languages according to the agreement with the client.

Professional language education

Besides of general language education, the agency also provides language education for companies aimed at professional terminology in areas, such as finance, trade, law, marketing, medicine and pharmacology, correspondence, presentation and management. A course participant hast the choice of 4 basic languages, namely English, German, Russian and Chinese. Agentúra vzdelávania provides further courses in other languages on the basis of agreement with the client.
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Language education-Companies
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