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Accounting courses

Agentúra vzdelávania provides accounting courses, which take place in 3 areas, namely: simple accounting, double entry book-keeping, payroll accounting and Human Resourcing. The public accounting courses appreciate not only beginners, but also advanced accountants.

A course participant will learn alone to keep booking, smoothly to orientate in v economy, legislation and tax issues. The course leavers account handily account for, calculate and fill in tax admissions to VAT, admissions to income tax of legal persons and different forms.

Way of teaching
Accounting courses take place in the complex furnished rooms in these computer programs:
  • Alfa
  • Omega
  • Olymp
  • Pohoda
  • Others according to the client requirements.
Accounting courses are finished by certificate of the Company KROS (Alfa, Omega, Olymp).

How to register?

You can register comfortable from home by online application form or personally at the agency.
Join any course through Online application from your home.
Do you want to take part in any of our courses? Write to us!
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