Steps to success

Have you decided to motivate your employees with benefits that would also benefit the company? The ever-growing demand of employers and employees is the ability to communicate in a foreign language. For companies, we offer training courses tailored to their needs.


On October 10, 2011, the Education Agency received the status of a protected workshop with the aim of creating job opportunities for citizens with disabilities. It also offers the possibility to use substitute performance in the field of education and unofficial translations.

Corporate language training

We provide professional language training focused on professional terminology from specific areas such as finance, business, law, marketing, medicine and pharmacy, correspondence, presentations and management. Course participants will quickly acquire a rich vocabulary.


The goal of the Education Agency is to help clients present themselves or their company in a foreign language. It therefore provides unofficial language translations and proofreading of personal and company documents. We can help you with a professional interpreter.


Whether your job requires knowledge of a foreign language, or you simply want to master another language, you’ve come to the right place. The education agency has prepared a wide range of language courses for you in different levels, types and intensities.