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For customers who already have certain language skills and need to focus on preserving and expanding this knowledge. These are long-term (several-year) courses. The maintenance course can be combined with the certification course, which ends with certification testing. The course includes regular conversational exercises. Maintenance courses are the most popular and most frequently sought after by customers.


After the end of the course, verification testing of the achieved language level will be carried out. After completion, it is possible to continue with the next level. (e.g. from B1 to B2) Testing can be carried out internally through internationally recognized tests in accordance with the European Reference Framework or externally, when the customer receives an international certificate of language proficiency. At the end of each thematic unit (lessons, chapters), tests are written, through which the employer has regularly updated knowledge about the continuing education of his employees and their language level.


Recommended for level B1 and above. The goal is to increase practical conversational confidence by choosing appropriate language means and teaching forms. Emphasis is placed on the practical side of the language, phonetics, phonology, English phraseology and also practical life situations in a foreign country.

Crash courses

The teaching practice also required the existence of short and intensive courses for employees who, before staying in a foreign country, need to refresh their school and often forgotten language skills as quickly as possible and to translate them into the real needs of staying and living abroad. These courses are mostly conversational with a narrower focus.


These are courses whose goal is to obtain a certificate of the relevant language level, preparation for studying at a foreign university (TOEFL, TOEIC test…), or preparation for a state language exam… This course does not teach general language, but focuses on successful completion of the required exam.


The course has a specific focus according to the customer’s needs. (e.g. economic English, email conversation, company presentations,…)

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