Translations and interpreting

The goal of the Education Agency is to help clients present themselves or their company in a foreign language. It therefore provides unofficial language translations and proofreading of personal and business documents.


The term unofficial, and thus ordinary translation, refers to any translation of a text for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, which, however, is not made by a court translator and does not require the requirements of a court-certified translation.

Language proofreading

If the text is to interest the reader or to represent an individual or company in a certain way, it must be well prepared and free of any errors. The Education Agency therefore provides, in addition to professional translations, language proofreading of Slovak texts before translation. Standard language proofreading includes grammar, spelling and stylistic proofreading.


Are you expecting a foreign visit, organizing an international workshop, going to a conference or lecture…? We can help you everywhere here with a professional interpreter.

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