Corporate language training

Have you decided to motivate your employees with benefits that will also benefit your company? A growing trend nowadays is the ability to communicate in a foreign language, which is why the Education Agency has prepared courses that will help your employees acquire language skills efficiently and at a professional level.

General language education

The purpose of general language education is to provide general knowledge of a foreign language, which can be used in written and verbal communication. Course participants will quickly and efficiently acquire a rich vocabulary that they will use not only in everyday communication, but also in a professional environment. Thanks to the constant training of language skills, every graduate of the course will get rid of shyness and gain confidence.

Specialized language education

These are mostly courses “tailored” to the customer. The most requested course at ŠPV is economic English and preparation for language exams.
Based on the selected course, the employer can receive regular reports on the education of his employees, the results of continuous testing and also progress in the conversational part of the language.

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